We can do all the things you need to do in marketing. But what's the right thing to do? We make no assumptions. Is your house in order? Are you willing to stretch? To risk something in order to gain something else? We can help you self-examine, articulate and decide. Good marketing can only mirror what's already there...

Your receptionist is your brand ambassador. Your installation tech is your customer's experience. Your succession plan should be your greatest success. How you operate is inseparable from how you communicate. And it all starts from the top. Which is where we start. If you're the leader, and you truly call the shots, then call us.

Since 1989, head chef Jeff Sotropa has worked inside, outside or alongside these organizations in marketing and communications leadership, strategic planning, creative direction and the occasional musical interlude. Our team's list encompasses many more...

  • Panorama Mountain Village

  • TRAK Kayaks

  • Abbotsford School District

  • SaskTel

  • Government of Saskatchewan

  • Chilliwack School District

  • University of Regina

  • Trinity Western University

  • CODC Construction Opportunities Council

  • Olympic Motors Corporation

  • Land Rover Calgary

  • KIA Vancouver

  • Edmonton Public Schools

  • Tourism Saskatchewan

  • Brandt Industries

  • SIAST Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology

  • Olds College

  • Selkirk College

  • Metric Interior Design

  • City of Red Deer

  • City of Regina

  • SGI Sask Government Insurance